When in Doubt, Flow it Out

I have always loved being active and I am always down to try a new work out. However, to me, yoga will always be my go-to work out when I just don’t know what to do or I’m just not feeling the gym.

I’ve been doing yoga for almost three years now and I love it. I love the way it makes you work on every little thing all at once, from your breath, to your toes.

I love the way I feel during a good yoga session, I really try my best to stay focused and aware of my movements.

What I have learned so far from years of practice, is that we are all different and we all move at our own pace. There is no need to compare yourself to others.

Yoga really allows you to move freely and peacefully. It feels amazing to release so much stress with such controlled and light movements. Don’t get me wrong, you will be sweating and working hard!

I think it’s funny how yoga is constantly under-estimated by people, but once you try it, you will love it and see how tough it actually is!

The way you are able to progress with yoga is incredible. Beginners are always scared because they think that you need to be flexible to start in the first place. Well, it certainly helps, but it really shouldn’t keep you from trying.

Your body is capable of amazing things. I remember when I first started feeling so insecure around other “yogis” but with time, your body and mind adjust, and you feel more powerful then you ever thought possible.

So don’t be shy! Try it out and see how your body feels afterwards, I promise you will get a good physical and mental work out from it.



1 thought on “When in Doubt, Flow it Out

  1. I love doing yoga too! I tend to annoy my friends because I’ve become that person who believes meditation and yoga can fix any problems in life. Under the pressures of today, stress can weigh heavy on a person. There’s been research done on how staying active can increase serotonin in our brains. I was also scared at first, more than a little insecure when I first starting taking yoga classes at my gym. Then I realized no one is looking at you mess up, so why not?

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