Trip to Alafia Farms

Recently I went on a field trip to the home farm of Professor Paul Rabaut, Alafia Farms, in Riverview. Him and his wife have turned their backyard into a functioning garden. They have raised garden beds, some beds on ground, a chicken coup, composting system, an aquaponics system and bee hives. I mean, they’ve got it all! It was so amazing to see how much you can do in your own backyard to help the overall well-being of the earth. I was truly inspired to take action and change the way I get my food in the future when I have my own home. At first it can seem intimidating to do something like this, but the overall benefits are worth it. As Paul explained, the initial set up can be a little overwhelming. Knowing where to start is the biggest issue. He explained he did a lot of research before starting this project and reached out to other who made it happen. The part that not necessarily surprised me, but struck me the most, was the composting system. I was amazed by the maggots. I know, it sounds disgusting! BUT it was so interesting how they work. So, if you don’t know, maggots eat everything. When I say everything, I mean literally EVERYHTING… it is kind of creepy. Professor Rabaut even joked, “so if you guys have any bodies you need to dispose of, let me know.” They are essential to the process because the maggots eat all the waste the family produces and releases nutrients back into the soil. The whole garden was a cycle and nothing really gets wasted. I loved that concept of eliminating waste. I always wondered how you could do that yourself. Now I know, and I am really excited to do the same!

They do tours of their home on Saturdays! Follow them on Facebook for more: Alafiafarms


2 thoughts on “Trip to Alafia Farms

  1. I’ve been wanting to visit Alafia farms for the longest time. I’m also so inspired by the way the decomposition and how it’s a much more efficient way to get rid of waste. I totally believe that this method is the future because at some point our environment needs to be changed. I think it’s cool that you got to experience it first hand!


    1. You definitely should! It’s worth the drive.


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