One Day Closer

As the semester and 2017 come to an end, I decided to stop and think for a second about all the amazing things that have happened this year and all the things I am thankful for. No matter how big or small. Some of the things that came to mind were:

  • First and most importantly, HEALTH
  • Family & friends
  • Boyfriend/best friend
  • Safety
  • My dog
  • Having a home
  • My car
  • Food in the fridge
  • Water
  • Nature, especially the ocean
  • Animals
  • The air we breathe
  • Being able to get an education
  • Getting a scholarship
  • Working out consistently
  • Getting stronger physically and mentally
  • Reading more
  • Trying to see things through other’s point of view
  • Chance to celebrate another birthday
  • Chance to volunteer at an assisted living home
  • Saving money, learning to save it!!!
  • Making new friends
  • Music
  • Good TV and Netflix shows
  • Technology
  • Being one step closer to my goals!

Overall, I really believe I had a great year and I cannot wait to see how far I’ll go in 2018. Good luck to all of you.



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