Why R.S.C?

So, what is Raw Smoothie Co and why did I choose to interview the owners? Well, I work there. I know that may seem like staying in my comfort zone and not branching out to interview someone new.

However, I really love the products and the environment that my bosses have created. I want to share their point of view into what it is like being a businessman. I think that they have had a successful (almost) first year. Not many first-year small businesses do that well and I think it is amazing how far they have come.

Not to mention the products are amazing. I can’t get enough of all our delicious blends. Smoothie bowls (especially Acai) have been on the rise for a couple of years now and I have to say, ours are the best! As a Brazilian, I know a good acai bowl when I see one.

When it came to the interview itself, I did not run into too many problems. Since I work there, I was able to conduct the interview pretty much whenever I wanted. Both Gian and James spend a lot of time at the shop, so it was easy to get them together for the questions.

The only thing that can get a little difficult is the background noise. There are always blenders going off, and if you have a Vitamix you know how loud they are. Of course there are customers, so every once in a while we had to pause to serve them.

Since I knew what to expect, I was prepared to pause and get back on track after a rush of customers. There was no time limit for the interview, so that made everything easier.

I am excited to finish my story and see how all of the pieces come together!



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