Potential Service Journalism Topics

So, for my service journalism story I have a few ideas in mind… I am not sure exactly which one would work better for a story yet. I am excited about all three topics, and I would love to incorporate all of them in upcoming assignments, somehow!

My first idea is to have a little vegetarian/vegan cookbook for recipes for college students on a budget. Kind of like a meal plan for a week, but simplified. Since becoming vegetarian over three years ago, my love for cooking has grown and I think I have a few great recipes down, enough to share with others!

My other idea would be kind of similar, to have a top 5 (or 10) best places around Tampa with vegetarian and vegan options. I feel like as this lifestyle grows, more and more places are stepping up and adding new options to their menus. I want to find the best places and share with those who are also in the same struggle bus as me, or just want to try a few different things. Plus, it’d be a great excuse to eat at all the places I have been dying to go!

My last idea is to find out the best stores, events or anywhere really, that gives students special discounts or perks as well as the best FREE events and spots around town! I know that most of us are tight on money, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and enjoy nice things! I would turn the story into a “how to: ballin’ on a budget” kind of thing.

Hopefully I can decide soon and get ahead on this. I think any of these topics would turn into great stories, we’ll see!


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