Photojournalism Project

Photography has always interested me. I love pictures, I think it has the ability to capture such raw moments, beauty and emotions. I have never been the best at taking pictures, I wish I was one of those naturally talented people who saw everything as an opportunity for a beautiful shot. Instead, I actually have to try really hard to get a good picture. Either way, I still try my best.

I think anything related to traveling would be an amazing photojournalism opportunity. Taking pictures of the beautiful and perfectly clear blue waters around the world would be a dream. Capturing all of the different vibes at each individual beach… the calm ones, or the packed, touristy beaches.

I can see myself doing that, even if the pictures don’t come out perfect!

Okay, now back to reality and what I can actually capture for this story… I have no idea what kind of story I am going to do.

I would love to take pictures of weddings, engagement shoots, surprises, or something like that. Wedding pictures tell all you need to know. The love and joy not only in the bride and groom’s eyes, but all of the guests is indescribable, that is why pictures are PERFECT.

Another cool option would be active shots. from things like yoga poses, meditation and other exercise shots. I think they would all showcase awesome power and strength in the person being photographed. Plus cool locations would make it even more interesting and unique.

I am excited for this assignment. I want to do something fun, creative and interesting.  I think I can achieve that by staying true to what I love.


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