Understanding Hyperlocal News

After looking at some of these hyperlocal news websites, I realized that a lot of them aren’t very local at all… this only caused more confusion for me on what “hyperlocal” actually means. I guess that since these websites are not very profitable, they have to span out their area of news coverage… even to national or international news. I looked at over five different website from the list given in class and I could see how different they all are. For instance, acestoohigh.com, which stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences, had a clear focus on children and young adults. They had different tabs and sections with loads of information. I really liked this one.

The second website I looked at was uptownmessenger.com, this one focused on the city of New Orleans. Now, New Orleans is a huge city, so I am sure they probably have a lot of report on. It did seem like they kept the focus on just the city. The news varied from petty crimes, public events, business, politics, school and public safety. I thought it was well organized and interesting.

The last website I looked at was westorlandonews.com, which was based off Orlando. This one was more heavily focused on politics… a topic that doesn’t interest me much. They did have other topics, but I still wanted to look at it and see how a small website looks at national topics like politics and relates it to the local community. The website seemed to have a huge Republican bias. I was not impressed with the objectivity of the stories and the way they were reported. The other sections were a little more interesting to me.

Overall, I think hyperlocal news is very useful. unfortunately, they are not very popular.


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