NEWSY Exploration

Newsy? Never heard of it before this class, but wow! I am so glad we talked about this site. I really liked it. I loved how the site was divided and organized. It was simple! I like how the news are short and sweet. It makes it so much easier to keep up and get through as many news stories as possible. I also love how they include a short video with every story. It helps reinforce the visual elements that are so important nowadays to make a story stand out. Although most stories were about Trump or somehow related to Trump and politics, it was bearable… once again, the short stories are EVERTHING. Since I have ZERO interest in politics, it helped me quickly catch up on what is happening (politically). Without a doubt, my favorite section was “sci/tech” and the subsection “animals” and “climate change.” Of course, I could not escape Trump related news, but it was refreshing to see some news focusing more on the actual environment. I will definitely come back to newsy for my daily dose of news.

Click here for Newsy


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