Personality: how much is really in our control?

After browsing through NEWSY for a few days, I came across a video that really caught my attention: “Do People Change? A Look at Whether Personality Is Fixed or Fixable.” This is the video I will be doing my story on for the next assignment.

As the video played, I couldn’t help but feel a little bamboozled and defensive. I LOVE self-help books (perhaps personal improvement is a better word) and this video felt a little like a wake-up call that the cliché saying “people don’t change” is true after-all.

Even though the video made it very clear that changes within personality ARE POSSIBLE, I am still a little shocked from the research studies.

Although I will probably never get over the initial confusion and shock of this information, I am going to try. That is why I chose this video; to dig in a little further and figure out more on this crazy topic. I would like to think that we are all developing human beings, physically and mentally, no matter what our age is.


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